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Joint statement on the General Election by University of Warwick, University of Warwick Campus Trade Unions UCU and Warwick SU

As you will know, there is a General Election on Thursday 12 December. It is particularly important that students and staff vote as this election will transform the shape of the country.

The deadline to Register To Vote is 26 November (online & postal) and 4 December (proxy).

The election is a chance for students to have their say on the sort of education system which will be in place for future generations. This is an opportunity to create a well-funded, sustainable, and accessible university system where everyone can thrive and succeed.

Students are particularly powerful in general elections because they can register at both their home and term-time address, and thus can choose to vote in the constituency where their vote will have greatest impact.

Thus, the University of Warwick, the Warwick Students Union, UCU, Unison and Unite are calling for a campus-wide campaign to make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote, does.

We call on everyone to:

  • Check if you can vote. While EU citizens can’t vote in national elections, many commonwealth citizens can, so even though you’re not from the UK, you may still be able to vote.
  • Register to vote and if you’re a student, register to vote at both your home and university address and then vote in one of those constituencies.
  • Educate yourself on the issues. What matters to you? What do you want to see changed? Read the different manifestoes and decide who is speaking for your interests.
  • Talk to your friends, family and colleagues and get them to vote.
  • Put a reminder to register to vote and a link in the signature of your emails, change your social media profiles to “@you REGISTER TO VOTE name"

Staff who have responsibility for teaching / who have student facing roles can help by:

  • Giving students five minutes at the start of class to register to vote
  • Organising a departmental coffee and cake event where you can discuss the issues that matter, why it is important to register and to cast a vote, and the different ways they can cast a vote (e.g. by postal ballot, proxy, in person, etc)

This is the election of a generation. Make sure your voice is heard!

Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor University of Warwick

Duncan Adam, President Warwick UCU

Ben Newsham, President Warwick SU

Antonia Mayers, Representative UNISON

Jim Smith, Branch Secretary Unite