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Warwick STAR Refugee awareness week (26 Feb – 2 March)

Warwick STAR (STudent Action for Refugees) society are arranging a week of challenges and activities to raise awareness for refugees and forced migrants.

STAR is a national network of young people and university based student groups aiming to:

  • raise awareness of refugee and asylum issues
  • campaign for the rights of refugees
  • practically support refugees and asylum seekers through volunteering in the local community
Refugee Week Challenge (February 26 - March 4) - Can you live off £37 a week?

Warwick STAR is setting a challenge to see how people manage attempting to live off £37, to raise awareness of the difficulties refugees and forced migrant face in the UK.

Imagine you have no job, no other source of income, no savings and all the cupboards in your kitchen are empty. Could you survive off £37 a week? And that's not just food, that's is your bus ticket every day, your washing powder and your phone contract. This is what an asylum seeker in the UK has to do every single week.

All the money raised will support the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre. We hope you all get involved!

For more information, please see the STAR Facebook page

Speaker event; March 2 - SU Atrium

The end of Refugee challenge week will be marked by a speaker event to raise awareness of many of these issues. This will be a chance for us all to discuss and share ideas and free pizza will be provided.

Confirmed speakers;

Warwick STAR regularly runs a number of volunteering opportunities and events such as STAR conversation club, helping to teach refugees and asylum seekers English in a fun and informal way, to help them integrate into the community. This event is also supported by Warwick University of Sanctuary.

Warwick STAR

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