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WIHEA Student Engagement Programme - Enhancing Learning Together’

Calling students with ideas to enhance learning - Student Champions, £9.00 per hour - Deadline 29th February 2016

We are looking to fund enhancement projects in teaching and learning and we would like to encourage you as students to share your ideas and skills. This unique opportunity to turn your ideas into reality offers up to £5,000 funding per project, which can pay for your time, plus staff and modest costs to deliver the project.
Projects should start in April and be completed by July 2016 and working hours can be flexible to fit around your studies and in-line with your eligibility to work in the UK.
This exciting programme offers you the opportunity to develop skills, experience and ideas that will contribute to the learning and experience of current and future students. You will work directly with academic staff to shape ideas, plan and progress the project through to developing and delivering resources.

Ideas for enhancing and diversifying teaching and learning practices can be based on themes such as assessment and feedback, linking research and teaching or redesigning activities through the use of online interactive resources or technology enhanced practice.

In the first instance we ask you to approach an academic from your course or department and arrange a time to discuss your idea(s) and assess whether it would meet the project criteria for this programme. If your idea is supported, by an academic member of staff, they will become the Project Lead and together you will complete and submit a Project Funding Application. Alternatively, an Academic member of staff may identify you and be interested in working with you on a project idea they have.

Further information is available from the WIHEA Website.