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Queering the Quarantine

Our long awaited queer archive project is finally here! Queering the quarantine brings together a collection of creative responses to the experience of Covid-19 quarantine.

The aim of this project was to construct a space for creative queer responses to the pandemic, and attempt to preserve these for future generations as the experiences of queer individuals and community are often still too hidden and forgotten. Submissions ran from October to December 2020. In creating “Queering the Quarantine” we hoped to capture the unique and differing responses of the queer community during this time of adversity, alongside sharing challenges specific to LGBTQIA+ people in lockdown. This collection will be captured digitally and placed in the Modern Records Centre to ensure that this collection stands the test of time.

This work was done in collaboration with Slanguages, Creative Multilingualism and the Queer and Coloured project. We want to thank Hannah Ayres, Nick Cherryman, Somak Biswas, and Rajinder Dudrah for helping to collate the project and decide the prize winners. Thank you also to Sam Parr and Dylan Stebbing-Boulet for their admin support during the project and to Rachel MacGregor who is helping to digitally preserve the collection. Finally we want to thank Phoenix Wilks and Hannah Ayres for curating this collection online and helping to display this wonderful content!


'There’s a myth of queer solidarity – an idea that here, in this community that values alliance and acceptance above everything, people have got your back.'

'My hair is

long as rope

split ends and

thick curls'

'no / all of me / hopes / that opening up / to my truth / might turn / my own / blinkered and myopic vision / of reality / into a queer kaleidoscopic Hubble telescope on LSD'

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