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Queer and Coloured

How do queer people of colour relate to the city of Coventry? This project, funded by the Coventry City of Culture Initiative, is an attempt to recuperate the history, politics and practices of a community that has existed as a subculture within a diverse and multicultural Coventry from the 1970s.

Through multi-sited archival and oral interviews, the project aims to reconstruct how the queer community of colour have experienced Coventry even as they sought refuge, often in the face of intense homophobia, Islamophobia, and racism. By focusing on queer migrants of colour in the city of Coventry, we aim to see how this community’s struggles and fraught negotiation of self-identity contributes to a critical understanding of human rights, LGBT movements and practices of memorialisation.

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Queer and Coloured artwork @ Matteo

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Project Team:

Dr Somak Biswas, Lead, History

Dr Sara Bamdad, Co-Lead, Sociology

Dipak Panchal, Sociology

Amal Malik, History

In Collaboration with:

Prof. Rajinder Dudrah, The Slanguages Project

Queer History, Warwick Publish

Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre