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We want to hear about your supervision experiences: stories, challenges, solutions, resources, advice.

We want to help you use the Vitae Reserch Development Framework to get the most out of your supervisors.

Join us for networking events to explore how to develop a productive relationship with your supervisor, what to do when things go wrong, and what support is available to make your supervisions superb!

Term 2 Sessions

  • Workshop 1: Networking
    • F2F: 18th January, 1pm
    • Online: 25th January, 5pm
  • Workshop 2: Collaboration
    • F2F: 1st February, 1pm
    • Online: 8th February, 5pm
  • Workshop 3: Problem Solving
    • F2F: 15th February, 1pm
    • Online: 22nd February, 5pm
  • Workshop 4: Self-Reflection
    • F2F: 1st March, 1pm
    • Online: 8th March, 5pm
  • Workshop 5: Work-life balance
    • F2F: 15th March, 1pm

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