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Hongrui - Social Sciences Foundation course (2021/22)

Hongrui is a current student on the Social Sciences International Foundation Programme. Here he discusses his experience of studying on the course and reflects on his time at Warwick.


It is an amazing experience to be able to attend the IFP. I chose to join the International Foundation Programme at Warwick because the IFP offers a diverse range of courses including Social Sciences which I am interested in.

Moreover, IFP's curriculum includes lectures and seminars, which helped me settle into my undergraduate studies ahead of time. In addition, the teachers here are highly experienced in their specialist areas and I am confident that I will learn something useful from them.

Furthermore, it has been exciting completing my IFP on the main University of Warwick campus and to be able to use some of the university's facilities while exploring the beautiful campus. I often visited the library in my spare time and had countless books to read, alongside other students who enjoy reading as much as I do.

What I have enjoyed the most is that every teacher not only fully respects and acknowledges my ideas and thoughts, but also gives me the firmest encouragement when I feel disappointed with my performance. This has greatly stimulated my enthusiasm in learning and gradually integrated me into the IFP family.

Moreover, I have enjoyed the Inquiry and Research Skills (IRS) module, which gives each student the opportunity to complete a research project that they want to do. I have not had the opportunity to carry out a research project on my own in my previous study experience and the IRS has definitely given me a good chance to conduct the research in my area of interest.

However, good times are always fleeting and soon I will have completed my IFP and I will start my undergraduate study. I hope to remain at the University of Warwick and in the Department of Social Sciences and continue to enjoy the top facilities and services that Warwick offers to its students. Looking back, it will be a perfect memory!