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Warwick | Student Immigration | Change of nationality or Immigration Category


Section 1: Purpose and Contents of this page:

This page has been created to give guidance on when you change your name, nationality or immigration category

If you started a course holding a student visa and changed name, nationality OR changed to a different type of visa (for example, you now have a dependant visa) before your 'course end date', please read further guidance below.

Please ensure you have carefully read the guidance provided for your situation BEFORE you contact Student Immigration.

Section 2: I have changed my name

If you changed your name and obtained a new passport in the UK:

If you have changed your name, you need to let the UKVI know within 3 months of you receiving the new passport.

For information on how to do this, see the change of circumstances formLink opens in a new window on the UKVI website. You will need to apply for a new BRP card.

When you receive your new visa/BRP, please inform the Student Immigration and Compliance team at the university by submitting an image of your new visaLink opens in a new window.

You will also need to inform the Student Records teamLink opens in a new window of your new name so that they can update your record on the system.

If you are going back to your home country to change your name and intend to return to the UK with your new passport:

Please get in touch with us online or book an appointment so that we can advise you regarding your specific circumstances, as you may need to make an additional visa application from outside of the UK.

Please click on the 'connect with us' page at the bottom of this page.

Section 3: I now have Dual nationality

If you now have dual nationality , as long as you continue to re-enter the UK using your first nationality then there is nothing further you need to do.

If you wish for the University to have your dual nationality on the student records, please contact the Student Records teamLink opens in a new window with a copy of your new passport and ask for your new nationality to be added to your records.

Section 4: I have changed nationality and have renounced my previous nationality

It is important that you notify us if you have changed your nationality. Please upload evidence (passport etc) of your new nationalityLink opens in a new window so that we can make the necessary updates to your student record.

If you obtained your new passport (with the new nationality) in the UK, you will need to make an application to get a new BRPLink opens in a new window

If you obtained your new passport (with the new nationality) outside of the UK, and your previous passport has been cancelled, you will need to follow these steps:

  • If your BRP card is still valid then you can travel to the UK with it and the new passport.
  • make sure you carry any information or evidence regarding the nationality change with you so that you can can show this when entering the UK.
  • Once in the UK, submit the application for a new BRPLink opens in a new window so that it has your new nationality

Please ensure that once you receive your new BRP card, that you upload a copyLink opens in a new window of this so your record may be updated.

Section 5: I have changed my visa category. How do I notify you that I have received a new visa?

You need to provide us with a copy of your new visa for us to verify electronically and update your student record.

Please complete the web formLink opens in a new window to advise us of your new visa. You will be asked to upload a copy of your new document(s).

Section 6: What happens when you verify my new non student visa?

Upon verifying your new visa or passport, we will amend your student record and we will notify the UKVI of this change and that we are no longer sponsoring you under student visa route.

You will receive a copy of the email that we send to the UKVI about the withdrawal of your sponsorship for your information.

Please note that when studying on a visa other than student, there may be certain risks and restrictions you need to be aware of.

Our website Link opens in a new windowprovides details of these.

Section 7: If you have further queries and useful links:

If, after reading the guidance above, and you are still unsure of what you should do next, please contact Student Immigration to discuss your situation via the following methods:

    Please click on the following links for more information

    University of Warwick:

    UK Government:

    Other contacts:

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