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Restarting a Course

This may be an option for undergraduate students (including Undergraduate Master's students) only.

Re-starting on a different course

If you decide to re-start on a different course part way through your first year of studies or at the end of Year 1, once you have been accepted onto the new course and completed the re-starting paperwork, you will be permanently withdrawn from your current course and this will be reported to the UKVI.

For more information, see Permanent Withdrawal (PWD) .

You are then expected to return to your home country or switch to a different visa category/ a new sponsor if you are to remain in the UK.

About 3 months prior to the start date of your new course, you will be contacted by the Undergraduate Admissions team regarding a CAS to enable you to make a Tier 4 visa application to return to the UK.

You will need to make this Tier 4 application from your home country before starting the new course.

If you decide to re-start on a different course following the September exam board, the same process will be followed but the Undergraduate Admissions team will make a judgement as to whether you are likely to have enough time to return to your home country, make a Tier 4 visa application, and travel to the UK before the latest start date of your new course.

You may wish to check the university's CAS assignment deadline.

It is likely that you will need to use the 'priority service' or 'super priority service' for your visa application if it is available in your home country.

Please be aware that even if you are accepted onto the new course, if there isn't enough time for you to obtain a new Tier 4 visa then your CAS request may be declined and you will need to consider deferring for a year.

Please make an appointment to meet with an adviser if you have read all the information on our website but still have questions.

Re-starting on the same course:

It is quite rare but in exceptional circumstances, you may be permitted to re-start on the same course (repeat a year).

You will still follow the permanent withdrawal process as outlined above but for immigration purposes, you will be considered as 'repeating a year'.

This means you will not need to make a new visa application from outside of the UK if there are less than 60 days to the new term starting.

It also means that you may make a new visa application (because your current visa will be too short) either straight away, or, anytime before your current visa expiry date.

If you decide to make a new visa application straight away, please make an appointment to meet with an adviser.