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During their first year of study, students may be permitted to restart their course in the following academic year if their first attempt has been affected by issues beyond their control (e.g. if medical problems or personal factors negatively affected their ability to study). Students in their first year of study may also be permitted to restart University the following year on a different course if they find their first choice was not the right one for them. Students allowed to restart will be treated as a new student when they return.

  • A request can be made at any time during a students 1st academic year, however, it's worth noting that there may be consequences depending on when the request is received.
  • If the student is Restarting in the current academic year, SR must receive request by (up to and including) the latest start date for that course. If the Restart request is received after the latest start date, it would be approved but the student must defer and restart the following academic year.
  • Latest start dates can be found on the SROAS webpages (UG AdmissionsLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new windowPG Admissions).

When a request from an undergraduate student is approved it means that the student's record will be closed and their restart information will be passed to the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Admissions team (as appropriate). Approval for a restart is delegated to the Student Records team from the Academic Registrar. If the department supports a request for a restart, they are also confirming that there is a place for the student on the course, however, it is possible for restart requests to be refused if the course (or the University as a whole) is full.

Restarts are uncommon at postgraduate level and whilst most will also recommence at the start of the subsequent Autumn Term, where the course has multiple entry points, a student may restart with any other cohort (if supported by the department). The process will be as above.

In addition, it should be noted that International students will require a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to be issued as their sponsorship will be withdrawn when they leave the original course. Any CAS which may be required would be issued by the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Admissions team (as appropriate).

The Student Records team will confirm to the student via email the outcome of their request to restart. All such emails will automatically copy in the Departmental contact. Prior to their return date, the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Admissions office will correspond with the student.

Please request a restart using Student Records Requests in Student Records Online



It is important that you keep us informed of any change in your contact details, particularly your current email address, so that we can ensure that you receive updates with regard to your status with the University. You can let us know of any changes by completing the UG Admissions Enquiry formLink opens in a new window or the Postgraduate Admissions Enquiry FormLink opens in a new window.


It is important that you fully understand any or all conditions set for your restart. This could be a requirement to obtain a specific classification on your current course or for students who require a visa to study in the UK may, depending on the circumstances, be asked to provide evidence of a secure English language test (e.g. IELTS for UKVI (Academic)), rather than an examination (such as International Baccalaureate English) due to the visa requirements set by the UK government. Applicants who require a visa to study in the UK should visit our immigration adviceLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window pages for up to date information and advice on how to present evidence of their English language qualifications in their visa application.


Students will not be eligible for residence on campus during their period of withdrawal. If you are withdrawing (for either a restart, temporary or permanent withdrawal) and you are living in university managed accommodation (campus or off-campus), then you will be released from your accommodation contract from the later of:

  • the date of your withdrawal, or

If you are in privately rented accommodation, you will need to speak to your landlord or agent to check your obligations.

You should check the council tax implications of your withdrawal. (Students who are temporarily withdrawn retain their classification as a student of the University and should continue to be exempt from paying Council Tax. This is based on an expectation that you will return to your course. If you do not, the Council may require you to pay in retrospect.)

If you need advice, please contact the SU Advice CentreLink opens in a new window.


If you are studying at the University under a sponsored Visa (including Tier 4), this change to your record will affect your immigration status and your permission to remain in the UK. Please note that if you have been issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), the University is required to notify the Home Office UKVI of any change to your enrolment status. The approval of your request to restart your course next year will result in the University withdrawing your CAS, which will mean that your Visa is no longer sponsored. If you have any questions about the visa implications of changing your student status, you can seek confidential advice from the Student Experience Office's Immigration and Compliance TeamLink opens in a new window or via email


You are advised that the change of status detailed in the email you received from the University may affect whether you remain eligible for a Council Tax exemption. You are strongly advised to contact the relevant local authority's Council Tax office for further guidance. Please also note that if the local authority determines that you must now pay Council Tax you may be eligible for a discount if all other residents in your house have student exemptions. You must make those you share with aware of this change to your status as it may also affect any student disregard they have applied for.


You are welcome to make use of the University's Student Support services which includes the Senior Tutor, Disability Services, the Mental Health Team, the Counselling Service and Student Opportunity. Further information can be found on the Wellbeing and Student SupportLink opens in a new window webpages or you can call in person to their office which can be found on the ground floor of Senate HouseLink opens in a new window.

International students may also access the support services provided by Student ExperienceLink opens in a new window including advice on matters regarding immigration and UK visas. Full information may be found on the Immigration & ComplianceLink opens in a new window webpages.


The Students' Union also offers independent advice and guidance via its Student Advice Centre. More information may be found online via the Advice CentreLink opens in a new window or by calling +44 (0)24 7657 2777.


Prior to the start of the new academic year, you will receive information from the Undergraduate/Postgraduate Admissions team about restarting your studies and requesting confirmation that you will be taking up the offer of a place. You are strongly urged to carefully read this correspondence so that your place next academic year can be secured.

Should you need to contact the Admissions Office, please complete the Undergraduate Admissions enquiries formLink opens in a new window or the Postgraduate Admissions Enquiries formLink opens in a new window (as appropriate).