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Meet your WP Student Network Reps

We are really excited to introduce ourselves to members of the WP Student Network and broader community as your Student Reps, our role is to work with the WP Faculty Coordinators (WPFC’s) to ensure the Network is reflective of the need of its members and continues to grow. We take an active role in shaping the Network meeting regularly with the WPFC’s to look at topics for upcoming sessions and identifying any areas of focus moving forward. We will also be looking at more social elements of the Network once the we can actually socialise again!

If you spot us on campus or at one of our events please come over and say hi, we’re a friendly bunch.

Mahnoor Shoaib - Law

I decided to become a student representative for the WP network because of the positive experiences I have previously had with similar networks and programmes; I take it upon myself to get involved as much as I can with every opportunity available to me, and the WP network was perfect for that! Not only were the sessions very helpful and informative regarding many aspects of life at university (such as funding and opportunities for research and study abroad), but also the general atmosphere itself was very welcoming - I had a great time at every meet up!

So if you’re looking for a place where you can meet other students with similar backgrounds to you, where you can talk to very friendly and helpful members of staff, and where you can get a whole lot of information about various different opportunities at university (along with free food!), then the WP student network is the place for you! Make sure to join us when university starts in October! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you as one of your student reps!

Elizabeth Disdel - Interdisciplinary
Hello everybody! My name is Elizabeth and I am so excited to be a WP rep this year. I decided to become a WP rep because it is so important that this University actively works to become more inclusive of all students and WP is most definitely a driver for change in that respect. In my first year, I was invited to WP events and was overwhelmed by how lovely, welcoming, and warm those who work for the program were. To add to this, the feeling of being surrounded by people similar and like-minded to you, whilst also being so diverse, was something really beautiful. When the opportunity to become a WP rep came up, I couldn’t let go of the chance because I want to capture this beautiful thing, nurture it, and then set it free so that it can reach more people, grow, and touch more peoples’ souls. If you also want to be part of a friendly environment and are in need of a smile or a hug (once Coronavirus allows of course, oops), you should definitely think about coming along to the events held by WP over the course of the year.

I hope to see some new faces around campus this year, and don’t be afraid to tap me on the shoulder to say hello or email me if you need a chat!

Ismail Afzal - Law

Bit about my WSPN Background me…

  1. First Generation Student
  2. Social Mobility background
  3. Ethnic minority

I am from Luton. I attended a state school and was the first person in my family to go to university. I was also the first person in my extended family to ‘move out’ for uni

Why I decided to become a rep?
‘As you can see, I am from a WSP background and students from such background often suffer from imposter syndrome when coming to university. I believe this network is a way of bringing these students together and for them not to feel like this.’

I hope to represent the needs and wishes of the members of the network and make it as inclusive and welcoming as possible!

Amber Pearce - Sociology

The thing that motivated me most was my disadvantaged start to life, I want to educate the university on the fact that there is so much more behind our household income status, that there is a whole different culture that we are apart of. I was born into poverty and there were many barriers that held me back in life, I recently asked my mum if she ever thought I would go to uni when I was born and she said ‘no because it doesn’t happen to people where we come from no matter how clever they are’. I want to show the university that we have had to overcome many cultural and institutional obstacles and barriers to be where we are today, particularly all by ourselves with no help from our parents, which I think is an amazing thing that we are not respected enough for.

I wanted to join the network to meet people like myself, who have come from similar backgrounds and parts of the country as me. To meet people who understand what it is like to start from the bottom and work their way up into a whole new type of world, university, one that we were not culturally prepared for.

I think others should join our network to meet similar people to them and to know that they are not alone in the university in their backgrounds. The main thing I get out of the network is that I get a chance to tell my story to others and inspire people, to educate others on how social and material barriers can be overcome from my personal experiences.

Tori Shodimu - Life Sciences

Why did you decide to become a rep?

One of the main reasons why I chose to become a student rep is because I wanted to be part of something that helps create a fun and welcoming environment for WP students at Warwick. In addition to that, I want to raise awareness about the network and the ways in which being part of it can be helpful.

Another big thing for me is the fact that, for a lot of people, starting university can be very difficult and being a WP student might make the experience even worse if you feel like there’s nobody that you can relate to. By being a student rep, I want to let people know that the network is there for people like them and we’re here to listen and help.

What drew you to join the network in the first place?

Quite honestly, it was the free food! Well, the food got me through the door but the people made me stay. I didn’t actually discover the network until the end of the first term of my second year, at which point I had already made a solid group of friends but still hadn’t met anybody else that came from a WP background like myself.

I came out of my first network wishing I had been to one sooner because it’s such a fun and relaxed environment where it’s easy to start conversations and meet new people. It’s also a place where you can get really useful information about opportunities for studying abroad and internship opportunities, a few of which are open exclusively to WP students.

I think every single WP student at Warwick should at least given he network a try because I can guarantee there’s something in it for everyone. If you want to make new friends, get some extra support and advice about something or even if you just want some free pizza, come along and see what we’re about!

Charlotte Haylor - History 

Why did I decide to become a Rep?

  • I decided to become a WP Rep because I wanted to represent a network that amplifies the voices of WP students.
  • I wanted to be a part of something that would work to improve the experiences of WP Students at Warwick.
  • I also wanted to help other students overcome many of the barriers to learning that the WP Network has helped me to overcome.

What drew you to join the Network in the first place?

  • After hearing about the Network part way through my first year, I felt like I had found a community of people who would understand my experiences, and a place where I would be able to make a difference for the WP Students at Warwick.
  • I think that WP Students should join our Network because it will give you the opportunity to make friends with people that you will have things in common with.
  • Being part of the Network has given me the opportunity to meet new people, take on a leadership role, and help improve the university experience for WP Students.