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‘Writing Wrongs’ Essay Competition

The ‘Writing Wrongs’ Essay Competition is being run by the School of Law and Department of English and provides Year 12 students with an exciting opportunity to see their work published in the University of Warwick’s Lacuna online magazine and gain a paid, month-long summer internship with the magazine. In line with the magazine’s ethos of challenging indifference to suffering and promoting human rights, students will be given an essay title related to the theme of social justice and asked to write a 2,500 word essay. As part of the project, leading academics and writers from Warwick will provide students with advice and guidance on essential research and writing skills through intensive workshops and online resources. In doing so, students will experience first-hand the practice of university style research and writing and gain skills to aid them during their A Level studies. They will also gain exposure to professional writers including leading journalists and writers of fiction and non-fiction in a variety of formats. The Competition runs from October 2015 – April 2016 with the paid internship taking place during the summer holiday period 2016.


The underlying objective of the Competition is to widen access to highly selective universities amongst students from non-traditional backgrounds. Therefore, we ask you to keep this in mind when selecting students. Nominated students should aspire to study at a top university and be from a disadvantaged background (e.g. be in receipt/entitled to free school meals, come from a home where neither parent attended university, be living/have lived in local authority care, live in an area with low participation rates in Higher Education etc).


The deadline for receipt of student names is October 16th 2015 and should be sent to the project lead, Dr Anil Awesti,