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Inaugural Engineering Day - 11 March 2017

Open to all ages/children/families –main interest would probably be Secondary/Sixth Form


The School of Engineering is delighted to host this event as part of National Science and Engineering Week. The day offers the opportunity to explore quite a large array of engineering disciplines through a day long programme. Our activities deal with many aspects of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) spectrum through a range of hands-on activities, experiments, games, lectures/shows and also allow you a behind the scenes tour of some of the various bits of equipment we have in the School of Engineering and allows you to interact with students and researchers who work here.


Biomedical engineering: where you can experience our mind-controlled Scalextric game,

control a robot arm with your muscles and play with some state of the art medical devices!

Civil engineering: come and experience the Millennium Bridge effect as you walk over a

wobbly bridge, construct a tunnel if you can and question vibrations and earthquakes.

Electrical engineering: find out how well do you smell? with our electronic nose, how well

do you hear? and learn about cochlear implants, and what are Unmanned Air Vehicles

(UAVs) all about?

Mechanical engineering: If you like engines how well can you strip down an engine?

Come and find out, also come and see our vortex smoke-ring cannon in action! As well as

the future of 3D printing.

Our tours will allow you to walk a bridge (safely!), experience our state of the art gait lab where we

assess movement and unlock how you walk, see (and hear!) our big wind-tunnel in operation as well as our wave-generator, amongst others!

Attendance is Free and admission will give you access to all hands-on activities and tours – the tours/lectures will need you to sign up on the day as they will run for a limited number of cycles over the day.

Please follow our announcements on our Facebook page ( to get more insight into the activities we will have

on the day and if you want more information now please contact us on: