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Sociology in Action

We are pleased to announce that we will be running an exciting new A-level Sociology event at the University of Warwick, entitled ‘Sociology in Action’. We would be delighted to give your students the opportunity of attending this exciting and thought-provoking day which is designed to challenge and inspire A-level Sociology students. We have a fantastic programme this year, packed full of cutting-edge sociology delivered in an engaging and interactive manner. Topics will include crime and deviance, education, race and identity, social inequality, politics and the media. Students will enjoy talks from five leading lights in the field, including journalist, author and political commentator Douglas Murray, Dr Cath Lambert from the University of Warwick, leading sociologist Professor Danny Dorling, criminology expert Dr Marian Fitzgerald and Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman from the Birmingham City University Black Studies Research Cluster. You will find full details here