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Warwick Bright Stars


About the Programme

Our goal is to help schools inspire the scientists, artists and teachers of tomorrow as well as provide teachers with the hook that will spark their pupils’ curiosity. We want to give pupils the confidence to explore new subjects and discuss their ideas. We offer in-school modules and campus visits led by our friendly Warwick students.


Marie Diebolt

Outreach Officer

Phone: 07867 468 542


Key Facts

The key information is contained within this menu. Open each section to find out more.

We are always happy to work with schools and places will be allocated according to our Widening Participation indicators with priority given to schools which meet the following benchmarks:
    •Schools with KS2 average point score in Reading, writing and maths below 64%
      •Schools with a percentage of pupils at state-funded nursery and primary schools known to be eligible for and claiming free school meals higher than 15.8%
        •Schools in area of high deprivation (we look at IMD Quintile 1 and 2 and Polar 4)
        If you would like our staff to come and visit your school to deliver an assembly or a half-day workshop, please email indicating the subjects/topics you are interested in, the possible dates and times and we will do our best to try and accommodate you.
        We have many self-guided tours for teachers to do of our campus. You can find them all here. At present, we are not offering organised visits of campus but we are looking into offering these again next academic year. Sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and be notified.

        Our Digital Resources

        have been designed to support teachers, parents and pupils online. Check out our Primary School section!