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Warwick Bright Stars


About the Programme

Our goal is to help schools inspire the scientists, engineers and teachers of tomorrow as well as provide teachers with the hook that will spark their pupils’ curiosity. We want to give pupils the confidence to explore, make mistakes and discuss their ideas. By sending volunteers into schools we aim to provide participants with a diverse and enthusiastic group of positive role models.


To register your interest please contact

Marie Diebolt

Outreach Officer

Phone: 02476 573 555


Key Facts

The key information is contained within this menu. Open each section to find out more.

Schools can choose from a range of cross-curricular modules adapted to their needs. In January and February 2018, Warwick Ambassadors will be visiting Year 5 classes in our partner schools for 5 weeks for a couple of hours each week on a Wednesday afternoon to deliver one of the following cross-curricular module.
    Brilliant Britain
    Your pupils will explore subjects studied at University such as Engineering, Law, History and Politics in a fun and interactive way. The pupils compete to build a Roman bridge and play the role of a judge or the jury in a full scale Guy Fawkes’ trial.
      Money Is On My Mind
      This module offers a taste of Economics adapted to a Key Stage 2 level. The pupils become world producer in a Fair Trade game, manage their own family budget and research the origin of money.
        •Fair and Square
        Your pupils will be introduced to the principles of Liberal law and Citizenship in this engaging module. They will put Henry VIII on trial, compete in a debating team and learn how evidence are use in court.
          •Stop Motion Revolution
          Students from our Modern Languages department will show your children how to use historical pictures to learn about the French Revolution and the children will make their own stop motion lego revolution movie. You can see an example from one of the video made here.
            At the end of the programme, the pupils, their teachers and parents will be invited to join us for a Graduation Ceremony on campus!

                  To register your interest for 2018 please contact Marie Diebolt at

                  •Warwick Chemistry

                  The chemistry outreach programme is coordinated by our enthusiastic outreach officer Nick Barker and our academic staff. They have compiled a selection of videos outlining some simple experiments suitable for primary school students that demonstrate various fundamental principles of science. For each of the videos, a pdf document can be downloaded containing a set of detailed instructions and suggested improvements / challenges for the students.

                    •Warwick Arts Centre

                    The Arts Centre offers a range of shows and educational activities for children aged 3-11.

                      •UP for It Juniors

                      Programme provides further information about what is it like to attend university.

                        •Reach Out

                        Teach your primary science curriculum with confidence. Free online CPD, developed with Imperial College London.

                          •Warwick Careers and Skills

                          Help your students with writing a cover letter or CV with advice from our Careers and Skills Service.
                          Our campus days are designed in collaboration with the Chemistry Department, WMG and Warwick Arts Centre and aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils from schools in Coventry and Warwickshire.This is a great way for your pupils to discover what a university is. With our friendly Warwick student volunteers they learn what the main buildings on campus are and what they are used for. They can ask any questions they have about university and get to hear what life as a student is like at Warwick. Our campus days can easily be linked to your school curriculum as the pupils learn about how materials change states in Chemistry, Art and Engineering and explore the wildlife on our campus.