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Aspirations & Enterprise Week

In June, pupils from East Tilbury Primary School & Nursery took part in an Aspirations and Enterprise Week organised by their school. They wrote Curriculum Vitae and Personal Statements using resources from Warwick Careers and Skills service. Their pieces of writing were then entered into a whole school competition.

The Outreach team was very impressed with the wide range of hobbies and skills the pupils wrote about.

We are very proud to present to you the winners!

Ellie - Year 6


Callie - Year 4

Excellent IT skills. You organised your CV like a pro with paragraphs and titles. A very interesting read!


Kelly and Alexander - Year 2

We were very impressed with your spelling and how you linked your sentences using and, or and but.



Persephonie and Willow - Reception

Well done for remembering your full stops and capital letters!



Congratulations to all who took part!