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Our Modules

Schools can choose from a range of cross-curricular modules adapted to their needs. In the Spring Term, Warwick Ambassadors will be visiting Year 5 classes in our partner schools for a couple of hours each week to deliver one of the following cross-curricular module.

Brilliant Britain

Your pupils will explore subjects studied at University such as Engineering, Law, History and Politics in a fun and interactive way. The pupils compete to build a Roman bridge and play the role of a judge or the jury in a full scale Guy Fawkes’ trial.

"I enjoyed the court-room when I was Robert Cecil and I was trying to accuse Guy Fawkes of trying

to blow up Parliament!" Year 5, St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Money Is On My Mind


This module offers a taste of Economics adapted to a Key Stage 2 level. The pupils become world producer in a Fair Trade game, manage their own family

budget and research the origin of money.

"I really enjoyed the World Trade game with my team and I now I understand better how prices go up and down." Year 5, Oakfield Primary School

Fair and Square

Your pupils will be introduced to the principles of Liberal law and Citizenship in this engaging module. They will put Henry VIII on trial, compete in a debating team and learn how evidence are use in court.

"Warwick students were really friendly and they answered all our questions. I enjoyed being a lawyer in the Jack and the Beanstalk trial." Year 5, St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Stop Motion Revolution 

french revo

Students from our Modern Languages department will show your children how to use historical pictures to learn about the French Revolution and the children will make their own stop motion lego revolution movie. You can see an example from one of the video made here.


Your pupils will learn Spanish songs and basic sentences to introduce themselves. They will learn about Spanish culture and geography as well as try some delicious Spanish food.

At the end of the programme, the pupils, their teachers and parents will be invited to join us for a Graduation Ceremony on campus!


Our modules are very popular with schools and we are now fully booked for 2017.

To register your interest for 2018 please contact

Marie Diebolt, Warwick Bright Stars Manager at M dot L dot Diebolt at warwick dot ac dot uk