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City of Culture

Project Brief

As part of our City of Culture programme, this month at Warwick we are reflecting on and showcasing ‘Celebrating Our Community’.

  • What does a community mean to you?
  • What does it mean to be part of your community or neighbourhood?
  • How does your community help you grow and thrive?

With these three questions as your focus, we would like you to create a window freeze, display board, Digital display, PowerPoint slide, poster or something similar that celebrates your community and shows us what’s important to you.

You’ll need to decide how you want to display your project and which part of your community you would like to focus on. You could think about your classroom or school community, or maybe the wider community around your school or where you live. It’s your community and it’s your choice!

The aim of the project is to show us what makes your community so special to you. What messages, pictures, stories and values can you include in your design to best represent this. We also want to know how you work together as a class to bring your design to completion.

How To Complete The Project

Using the resources box we’ve sent you, along with any IT equipment and stationery in your classroom, create your ‘Celebration of Community’ display. We want you to capture your creation by sending us a photo along with a short explanation of how you came up with the design, what you used and why, and how your class worked together to complete the project.

Ask your Teacher to send the photo of your creation with your class and school name, along with a short explanation (250 words max) of your design and we’ll display these on our ‘Summer Series Celebrating our Community’ webpage. You’ll be able to see everyone’s entries here and our panel of judges will look at all submissions.

As a thank you, and to recognise all the hard work you have put into your designs and your submissions, once it is safe to do so we’ll like to invite your whole class to visit us on campus to have a look around in person and to find out more about what our community means to us.

For the winning entry, on top of our invitation to join us here to explore our campus and find out what our community means to us, while you are here, you’ll also get a VIP behind the scenes tour of our newly redeveloped Warwick Arts Centre and we’ll also treat you to a movie screening in our brand new cinema complex all paid for by us!

Submitting Your Entry

Submissions of your ‘Celebrating our Community’ creations need to be emailed to us at along with your class name and name of school. The submissions should include an explanation of why the class came up with the design and an overview of how the class worked together to complete the task. We would also like to know the age group and how many students were involved in creating the submission.

All submissions need to be sent to us by Wednesday 21 July 2021 (around the end of term for most schools). If you need to submit earlier due to your end of term being earlier, please do so.

To view and download a PDF copy of the project brief and the terms and conditions for the City of Culture competition, please click here