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The 10 Weekly Tasks

The Launch Day on 14 February will be the start of the challenge which spans 10 weeks. To help you organise your time and develop your idea, plan and pitch, you will be assigned 10 weekly tasks which you will need to fit around school holidays, exams, coursework, and other commitments. Through completing these tasks, you will develop your idea and consider all aspects of the business, in order to put together your business plan and pitch.

The project allows flexibility over when you complete each of these tasks, but we would highly recommend that you keep on top of all the activities. Don’t panic if you get a bit behind, especially at the start when trying to decide on an idea, as this is often the biggest hurdle. It is important to submit your business plan before the deadline otherwise the judges won’t have time to read it and that may affect your chances in the Final.

Each week's activity has an associated work sheet (or sheets), all of which can be accessed through the Big Deal Blogs platform. Under the 'Resources' tab, select 'Worksheets' and then choose which ever week you want. You will also find the Weekly Tasks Schedule in The Big Deal 2014 Student Guide.