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We Are UniTracks

UniTracks is a national programme, we work with young people from Cumbria to Essex and the South Coast.

The challenge we face is fostering a sense of community between the participants who are so spread out around the UK. We think that getting to know one another's hometowns will go some way to helping us improve the sense of community amongst the cohort.

We will create a resource with information provided by the participants themselves, that talks about their home areas.

Part One: Why it’s good to come from my area

Individual written task, 500 words
Deadline: Friday 21 October

Part Two: Local Heroes / Community Champions

Group research task. Identify local heroes / community champions - each group member finds at least 1 person.
Record yourselves as a podcast discussing this topic
Deadline: Friday 18 November.

Part Three: Produce Group Piece

Decide as a group which 2 heroes/champions you want to write about
Design a 2-page spread for a magazine
Deadline: Friday 9 December