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What to do next: choosing and accepting your offer

Our step-by-step guide to what you have to do as a Warwick offer holder:

Understanding Your Offer

View our ‘about your offer’ pages, to make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions of your offer, and are registered for all the exams that you will require to meet these. It is very important that you are registered for all of the exams that you have been asked to achieve grades in as part of your offer, and that you send us all of the documents that we have asked you for by the relevant deadlines. It is the responsibility of your school (or you if you are taking exams independently) to ensure that you are entered for exams properly and that your results are certificated appropriately, as we will not be able to confirm the places of those whose results are not fully verified or certificated.

Most departments will provide you with the opportunity to visit the department, normally at a special ‘offer holders’ open day. Many applicants find that visiting the University/colleges for which they have offers is very useful in helping them to decide their Firm and Insurance choice. These also provide a great opportunity for you to view some accommodation, get a feel for our campus and your department.

Responding to your offer

Once all of the courses to which you applied have responded, you will be ask to make a decision about which course will be your firm (first choice of course) offer, and UCAS will inform you of the deadline by which you need to respond with your choice.
Normally, this deadline will be decided by the date your last response was received by UCAS, and if you do not reply by the deadline you have been provided then UCAS will automatically decline your offers for you.

2018 entry cycle
Last decision by Your reply date is
31st March 2018 2nd May 2018
3rd May 2018 7th June 2018
7th June 2018 21st June 2018
12th July 2018 19th July 2018

You will normally respond through UCAS Track.
UCAS provides further detail about how you can respond to your offers through UCAS track.

What making a Firm choice means

If you are holding an unconditional offer, then you have already met all of the conditions for entry to the course. By placing that course as your firm choice, you are confirming that you will be attending that course when it starts, and you will need to decline all other offers that you have received.

If you are holding a conditional offer, your firm choice will be your first choice of course. As long as you meet the conditions stated in your offer then you will be guaranteed a place on that course, but you will also be expected to take up that place. You may choose a further course as an Insurance choice if you have more than one offer, in case you do not meet the terms of your firm choice offer (by missing the grades you have been asked for in your exams, not by failing to supply documents). You will then need to decline all other offers you may have received.

Conditional offers/Insurance choice

If you have not yet taken all of your exams, and have received more than one conditional offer, then you will be offered the opportunity to choose an ‘Insurance Choice’. This choice is often used as a back-up, and may be a course that has provided you a lower offer level than your firm choice - in case you do not meet the conditions of your Firm choice at results time.

Check that you have supplied all of the documents that we have requested

If you have been asked to verify any previous qualifications or references then you can send these in as soon as you have placed us as your Firm or Insurance choice. Check out our verifications and English Language requirements section for further information on these.

We highly recommend that you send these in early, in case we need to contact you regarding these, and we particularly emphasise that as we ask for these documents to be verified by your school, that this will normally need to be done before your school holidays.

Applying for Accommodation

Once you have responded to UCAS and placed Warwick as either your Firm or Insurance choice, you will be able to apply for accommodation at Warwick. View our accommodation section of this site for more information.

Applying for financial support

This can be done as soon as you have applied to University. Please see our Fees & Finance section for more information.


If you are holding a conditional offer with us, and you have placed us as your firm choice, you will be guaranteed a place if you meet the conditions of your offer.

If you have taken A-Levels, or UK programmes such as the Access to HE Diploma taken at a UK-based school, UCAS may receive your exam results directly from the exam board. You will be able to see, via UCAS track at results time, information about whether you have been accepted onto your course. A list of the qualifications that UCAS receives results for directly can be found here.

If your qualifications are not on this list then please ensure that you send these to us as quickly as possible as soon as you have taken your exams and have your results. We will require verified copies for each qualification, which means they will need to be stamped and signed by your school. More information on how to provide verified documents can be found on our 'Verification requirements' pages.

What to do if...

Change in contact details, address, personal details

It is very important that if any of your personal or contact details change after you have applied, you update these via UCAS Track, particularly if you change your email address. If your contact email address is a school-based one, check with your school how long after finishing school you will be able to use it!

Changes to your exam arrangements

If you change the exams for which you are registered, and you no longer plan to take all of the qualifications that you originally listed on your UCAS form, it is important that you email ugadmissions at warwick dot ac dot uk as soon as possible.

Change in personal circumstances/illness/

other events

If you experience a change in circumstances, illness or event which could impact or has impacted on your performance in your exams, then please ugadmissions at warwick dot ac dot uk as soon as possible, before results are received.

Please note that we will normally require some form of evidence, e.g. doctor’s note to allow us to take such matters into consideration at results time so it will be important that you are able to provide this. Even where evidence is provided we are unable to guarantee taking students who miss the terms of their offer (and this may be dependent on the number of places available). We advise that where students experience illness or other trauma that affects exam performance, the exam board should be notified and asked to apply mitigation where appropriate; the University will not then normally expect to apply further mitigation.

Deferring your offer

Most of our departments do accept deferred entry applications. If you decide that you would like to defer your offer to the next academic year, then please ugadmissions at warwick dot ac dot uk. We do allow some offer holders to defer; however we would do so on the basis of your individual case in consultation with your department of study.

If you are holding a conditional offer then we would still normally expect you to meet the conditions of your offer by the stated deadline in your offer, even if you will be starting your course one year later.