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Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Meet some of the expert teachers guiding the engineers, doctors, technologists and science researchers of the future.

Our teachers in the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Engineering provide first-class support and teaching in mathematics, physical and life sciences, engineering, astrophysics and medicine. Our students benefit from some of the world’s best minds guiding them in their discoveries, working in a supportive, inspiring, research-rich environment.

Dr Matthew Leeke at the University of Warwick

Dr. Matthew Leeke
Department of Computer Science

Awards: Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE)

Describe your teaching style in one word: Relaxed (unless coffee-fueled is one word?)

Favourite thing about teaching at Warwick: The most exciting thing for me about teaching at Warwick is the variety. When you’re teaching first year, you get the fun and interaction that goes with introducing students to the discipline. By the time they’ve been here for three or four years, most students want to take on projects well outside their comfort zone. For me, it’s the diversity of what those students go on to do that’s one of the best things.

Most memorable classroom moment: It’s not always strictly in the classroom, but I love it when successful alumni come back to share their expertise and experience with students. There’s something special about seeing someone you taught in their first year become extremely successful but still want to come back to share what they’ve achieved and inspire other students. I think it says a lot about our alumni and the affection they have for Warwick.


Professor. dr. ir. Stefan A. F. Bon  at the University of Warwick

Professor. dr. ir. Stefan A. F. Bon
Department of Chemistry

Awards: Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE)

Describe your teaching style in one word: Energetic

Most memorable classroom moment: Experiencing the buzz of excitement when students engage with enthusiasm. Whether it’s an interactive lecture, a workshop, a lab class or scientific research, the opportunity to captivate people with science and to explore, discover and innovate together are the moments that make it all worth it to work in academia.


Dr Siri Chongchitnan at the University of Warwick

Dr Freeha Azmat
WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group)

Awards: WMG Star Award for “Contribution to Undergraduate Education”, WMG Staff Recognition Award

Describe your teaching style in one word: Problem-based

Most memorable classroom moment: I teach part-time students and in one of the sessions I taught a student who was my father’s age. The person had such a wide range of experience in the field, but was struggling to understand the fundamental concepts which I helped them with. The experience was very motivating for me to understand that there is no age limit for learning. If you have the willingness and the correct attitude to learn something, age becomes just a number.


Dr Freeha Azmat

Associate Professor Siri Chongchitnan
Warwick Mathematics Institute

Awards: Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE)

Describe your teaching style in one word: Colourful

Favourite thing about teaching at Warwick: My fantastic department gives me a lot of freedom, resources and support to experiment with different teaching technologies. I love seeing students who come to us as shy, apprehensive first years, who grow and blossom into confident graduates, ready to take on the world.

Most memorable classroom moment: One of my lectures was at 11AM on Remembrance Day. Before we observed the 2-minute silence, I talked to my students about how, in times of war, young people the same age as them wouldn’t have had a chance to study, to enjoy university life, or to plan for the future. It made us appreciate how lucky we were, and it was an incredibly poignant moment for me.