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How to use Warwick Swap

How do I post an item?

  1. Click the "Add item" button to open the new item form
  2. The form will already have your usercode, name and email address entered, and you can't edit them
  3. Enter a title and a description for the item
  4. If you have one, upload a picture (remember to click "add" after you've browsed to the picture)
  5. Click "Submit"
How do I request an item?

  1. Click the email address link on the item you're interested in
  2. Bingo - there's your email, complete with correct recipient and subject. You can sort the rest out between yourselves.
How do I delete an item?

Any item you've posted yourself will have a red cross in the top right of its box - just click that.

How do I edit an item once I've posted it?

You can't - just delete the one you posted and re-post it with the correct info. Won't take long.

Someone contacted me to request an item - what do I do now?

Arrange delivery/collection with them and delete the item post.

How am I supposed to remember to check this page for stuff?

There's a weekly email update you can subscribe to. The link is at the bottom of the main Warwick Swap page, along with a box for your preferred email address.