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Wildlife and Outdoors

We are committed to protecting, creating and enhancing spaces for biodiversity across campus. As such, to ‘achieve ecology and biodiversity net gain’ has been identified as one of our five pathways to a sustainable future. Find out more about how we are ‘leading by example’ in biodiversity.

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Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Did you know that hedgehogs have declined by up to 50% in the UK since the year 2000? They are now vulnerable to extinction in Britain, due to things like habitat loss, development, roads and garden hazards.

We are delighted to be playing a part on their path to recovery by joining the Hedgehog Friendly CampusLink opens in a new window initiative. The initiative recognises universities who are working to provide habitats for hedgehogs and raise awareness of the issues they face and how we can all make a difference.

The University is committed to protecting, creating and enhancing habitats and species on campus and beyond. Read more about our biodiversity work.

Interested in how littering affects hedgehogs? Find out more hereLink opens in a new window.


We placed 5th in the Big Hog Friendly Litter Pick ChallengeLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window, which took place during October and November 2022. Sign up to our monthly litter picks hereLink opens in a new window.

species recording

Species recording

The University is committed to conserving and improving habitats and species across its estate.

To help enhance our knowledge of species present on campus staff, students and the community are encouraged to record wildlife on campus using the iNaturalist appLink opens in a new window, which identifies the species for you. We are then able to obtain to the data for our records and monitor change. Get started with this user guideLink opens in a new window. You can join our University of Warwick iNaturalist project here.

Further guidance on species identification are available from the following websites:

If the animal is quick and is gone before you have time to record it with the iNaturalist app, please email us at so that we can record the sighting on our tracker. Please send us the species and the what3words location.

explore campus

Explore campus

There are a number of short walks and green spaces on campus, which are available for all to enjoy. The walks take you through some of the natural areas of campus, which can help with wellbeing.

“Going on a walk can revive us… Spending time in nature can give us a sense of peace… Walking keeps our bodies and minds healthy, giving us a breather from the stresses of daily life and the space to gather our thoughts. Exploring open countryside also brings us closer to nature, giving us time to notice how the raindrops cling to a spider's web or listen to the wind in the trees.” National TrustLink opens in a new window

View and download walking maps ranging from 1.4km to 5km.

You can also visit the Jam GroveLink opens in a new window - an accessible garden of fruit trees, open to anyone, to relax within, to help out with maintaining the space, and to help yourself to fruit!