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Specialist waste disposal


A member of the local community collects a variety of hard-to-recycle items. Many of the items are recycled through Terracycle and some of donated to located charities. All items must be flattened, emptied and washed out and no crinkly plastic or black plastic food trays are accepted.

You can recycle items such as:

  • Baby food pouches (any, wiped with caps on) & Ella’s kitchen snack wrappers
  • Pet food packaging and dry food packaging; rinse and dried!
  • Pringles tubes, lids and seals. NO OTHER BRAND

Access the full list of items and brands you can recycle here.

Asda (Brade Drive & Jubilee Crescent, Coventry & Leamington Spa)

  • Clothes
  • Batteries
  • Plastic bags and films; clean bags, wrap & film bags, carrier bags & bags for life, bread & produce bags, Toilet roll film, Shrinkwrap & bubble wrap, Drinks multipack wrap, Cereal inner bags)

Argos (Guy Street, Leamington)

Brita water filters near to the left hand door, as you face the shop from the outside.

Bravissimo (Leamington Spa parade & all branches)

Recycle old bras in all of their branches.

The Body Shop

Collect empty beauty products plastic bottles tubs, tubes and potsLink opens in a new window (except aerosol cans, perfume bottles, nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottles) in Leamington, Coventry and Stratford. All brands are accepted.

Boots (Coventry)

Boots Opticians collect glasses for recycling.

Boots (Leamington, Kenilworth and Coventry)

Collect any brand of soft contact lenses, blister packaging and foil covers

Core (Park Street LeamingtonLink opens in a new window)

Collect empty, clean jars with lids, labels removed. Tupperware type containers accepted.

Dogs Trust

Old blankets, towels, sheets, pillow cases, duvets, duvet covers, etc. Although not anything containing feathers or pillows. Phone beforehand to check if they want themLink opens in a new window.


We know many of you will have by now moved to the more sustainable 'safety razor' but for those who still have a stash of gillette razors you can now recycle them after use via Gillette's websiteLink opens in a new window.


Collect plastic milk bottle tops at Stratford-Upon-Avon Branch, possibly others. They also sell a lot of environmentally friendly products.

Mellors Chemist (Warwick)

Used dental products such as toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes etc collected.

Based near the market place in WarwickLink opens in a new window. There is a collection box near the entrance.

Oxfam, Marie Curie Shop and British Heart Foundation

All of the above take used postage stamps, in Leamington Spa these shops are located at: Marie Curie, Link opens in a new window Oxfam,Link opens in a new window British Heart FoundationLink opens in a new window and Cats Protection League.Link opens in a new window

Tesco Superstore (Emscote Road, Warwick)

Air, Home and Laundry Care products and packaging including plastic air freshener containers & cartridge caps, household wipes packaging, plastic tubs & laundry/dishwasher tab packaging and fabric conditioner plastic bottles and caps.

Royal Priors Shopping Centre (Warwick Street entrance, Leamington)

On the left hand side, as you go into the Priors, is a green machine which evaluates and recycles your old mobile telephone. It will evaluate it and see if it is worth anything. If it is not, it will keep it for recycling (if you wish).

Ryman (Coventry & Leamington Spa)

Offer collection box in all stores which collects old ballpoint pens, markers, Tipex pots, etc,.

The stationer’s up the Parade in LeamingtonLink opens in a new window and in Coventry City CentreLink opens in a new window.

Peep Eyewear

You can also donate your old glasses by sending them to Peep EyewearLink opens in a new window to be upcycled or recycled. When you donate a pair they will upcycle, and restore them if possible, give a donation to their charity partner Lions Club and plant a tree! If the glasses can't be restored they recycle them and reuse the parts for repairs on other glasses.

Zero Shop (Russel Street LeamingtonLink opens in a new window)

Collect empty, clean jars with lids, labels removed.