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Engaging with Audiences

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Chair: Amanda Bishop, Foundation Fellow - Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

WIE Team Link: Laura Harford

Members: Amy Stickels, Anne-Marie Broomhall, Christopher James, Emil Kostadinov, Jacqui Butler, Jo Clark, Lauren Doyle, Luke Degun, Nicholas Jackson, Roulla Philippou, Tishtrya Mehta.

Achievements January - July 2021

Our LC has met twice which each other, and additionally met with LC1 (staff training), 2 (developing the new skills of engagement), and 3 (Guide to promoting events and event management) to agree how we can work together. We are also supporting LC2 with the planning for a WIE network conference taking place in January 2022.

Our initial conversations have focussed on identifying an categorising our key audiences (young people; community groups; internal; and other). From this we hope to be able to offer bespoke guidance to people running engagement activities in future.

Finally we have worked with the WIE team advising an external consultant on the development of an Audience MappingLink opens in a new window resource for the WIE Skills Festival.

Ambitions into 2022

Now we have categorised our key audiences we intend to develop sub groups which can identify in detail how we best work with them. From this we intend to develop training and guidance documents which will share this knowledge with the Warwick community.

As part of our role supporting the WIE network conference we'll also be identifying experts from each of these audience groups to share their insights on strong public engagement with us and attendees. We will ensure this knowledge is captured and shared to ensure a lasting legacy of the event.