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Staff Engage

The Institute of Engagement will provide a crucial interdisciplinary hub for staff from across the University to discuss their approaches, exchange ideas, seek support and work together to create exciting new Engagement opportunities for staff and students.

Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor:

"Engaging the wider world with what we do at Warwick is at the core of our philosophy and mind-set. This is even more than a great, exciting thing to do; it’s the right thing to do. Universities the world over need to be in direct dialogue with people – building relationships, partnerships and networks regionally, nationally and globally to connect our work with their worlds.  

The new Warwick Institute of Engagement takes our work at Warwick to the next level – creating a network to share experience and ideas, creating opportunities for ongoing engagement with local and regional communities, putting engagement at the heart of the Warwick undergraduate experience and developing an evidence-based approach for training and development of great quality engagement. I’m really pleased to see the Institute coming to life and look forward to seeing our community of staff – researchers, teaching staff, technicians, professional services experts, and our students drive our commitment to engagement forward in truly dynamic and imaginative ways."

Over the coming months the Institute will also launch a series of Learning Circles with our new Foundation Fellows.

These Learning Circles will provide thought leadership by exploring key issues in engagement, and the place of engagement at Warwick, informing future University strategy and practice. Areas will be set by the fellows, however to begin with will include:

  • Purposes of engagement in HE
  • Development of criteria for judgement of good engagement work, informing Warwick’s academic promotion criteria
  • Development of training for engagement work, especially online Engagement in post Covid-19 era
  • Developing collective knowledge of professional bodies supporting engagement across departments

No matter what your role whether you're a professor, a technician, or a finance manager we're interested in what you've got to say the Institute is a place for all staff and students to engage.


Some of the engagement work already happening at Warwick

Every year our Physics department hosts the Warwick Christmas Lectures. Here academics and technicians (from a variety of departments) wow audiences of local children with exciting demo’s and talks to inspire the next generation into a love of science!

Dr Marco Haenssgen has been working with communities in Northern Thailand to capture Tales of Treatment. Through workshops with villagers and traditional healers the research team built their knowledge of traditional medicine, eventually re-telling these through a photo exhibition in Thailand and the UK. This work is informing research into Anti-Microbial resistance and alternatives to Anti-Biotic treatments.

Professor Kate Astbury’s engagement work brings art and performances produced during the Napoleonic wars and the French Revolution to life – giving them new meaning a relevance for modern audiences. Currently she’s working on a project called Freedom and Revolution with collaborators from English Heritage the National Youth Theatre.

City of Culture has brought with it plentiful opportunities for engaged research. From exhibitions with local artists, to food resilience, to regenerating local green spaces. Warwick researchers and community collaborators are creating pioneering projects and bringing research to fresh audiences in new and exciting ways.

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