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WIE's Training Programme

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Further opportunities

Find out about our public engagement IATL module for taught postgraduates hereLink opens in a new window.

Several other departments offer training opportunities you might be interested in, including:

The Researcher Development Programme for PGRs, provided by the Doctoral College. This focuses on many aspects of the PGR life, including engagement.

Research and Impact Services and Leadership and Management Development. Link opens in a new window

You might also find external training opportunities relevant to your field from Funders, Learned Societies, the National Coordinating Centre for Public EngagementLink opens in a new window (NCCPE), and generally available from freelancers/ other institutions. The NCCPE-PENLink opens in a new window JISCMail is a great list to subscribe to for relevant opportunities to your inbox. You can also get in touch with the team if you'd like advice on finding relevant external opportunities.

Training Cancellation Policy

Due to an exceptionally high rate of last-minute cancellations and no shows for training activity being organised by Warwick Institute of Engagement we are implementing a cancellation policy as of August 2023. Our series of masterclasses is led by expert trainers who are paid a fixed fee to deliver the workshops they put on for us. There is a significant cost to running this activity and last-minute cancellations and no shows means that the university’s investment is wasted as no one else can use that place due to lack of notice. It is also disrespectful to the trainers we’re working with who have prepared sessions based on the numbers booked and must quickly reformat their plans to account for low attendance.

Going forward attendees will be required to cancel their booking at least 7 calendar days in advance or a receive a strike against their record for the remainder of the academic year.

Those with two strikes against their name will be barred from attending further WIE training activity. They will also be disqualified from leading applications to any funds run by Warwick Institute of Engagement, such as our Collaboration and Co-Production Fund or our Module Development Fund. We will remove strikes and any resulting sanctions at the end of each academic year, resetting the count each August.


We appreciate there are sometimes genuine reasons why people cannot attend at the last minute. If you are not able at attend due to illness or an emergency, then please send us an email to let us know this is the case and we will remove the strike from your record. Please don’t feel you need to share any details with us, we will take you at your word.

We do not accept the need to attend other meetings or a high workload as a reasonable excuse for a last-minute cancellation, by booking a place on the training course you are agreeing to prioritise attendance. You can of course still cancel up to 7 days in advance without penalty if meetings are put into your diary.

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Creating Hands On Engagement Activities

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Location: Ramphal

Tuesday 28 May, 12:30-3:30pm, Ramphal, With Dr Jamie GallagherLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window

This workshop will guide you through the ways to create engaging hands on activities based on your research or your area of work. Through exercises and interaction participants will gain understanding of how to communicate more effectively whatever the setting. Ideal for groups or individuals working towards an event or looking for new ideas to share their work.


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