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Researcher Development


Researcher Development

It takes a village to raise a child. Is it the same for PhDs?

Oct 15 2020, Michele Underwood & Kate Mahoney. Transcript

Professional & Personal Development Plans

To help you identify what abilities, skills, knowledge are important to you, source the support you want, when you want it and help you keep on track. Check out Warwick Skills Forge or Vitae's Researcher Development Framework. Or work with PhD Essentials (pages 17-19).

Public engagement

Tell people about your research

Find out more about the Networking Fund and the Research Harambee ; DC's annual celebration of PGR research

Meet the tutors

Your facilitators are experienced researchers themselves, are doing or have done their PhD at Warwick, and work externally with Vitae, IPO, REDS and Universities globally. Find out more about your colleagues...

Researcher Development FAQs

  1. Vitae Researcher Development Framework
  2. Warwick's Professional Development
  3. SkillsForge manuals

‘Usually the brain that contains the problem also contains the solution- often the best one’
Nancy Kline - The Thinking Environment

Online resources and materials

Whether it is research integrity training or latest advice on how to deliver a presentation online: courses, moodles, e-learning opportunities here.

Warwick SkillsForge

Find out more about the sessions available to support you during your research time at Warwick. All bookings are via SkillsForge so an essential starting place.

Researcher Development Newsletters

Our monthly catch up and round up of events and opportunities across Warwick and globally. If you want an event advertised contact us by 5th of each month

PhD Essentials

Documentation to support the Accelerator Series, includes:

  • planning and time management
  • communication
  • working with your supervisor
  • building your networks
  • managing your professional development

PGR Organised events

If you have a conference, a network, or a book club for example that you want promoting here, then let us know.