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A diagrammatic view of the overlap between the departments and the centre


Departmental Activity

Each department has its own identity but there will inevitably be overlap in how the administration can be provided locally. It will be the role of the senior administrative lead to work with each departmental administration team to determine ways in which local departmental administration can be delivered in a seamless and efficient way, seeking opportunities to work together to streamline and coordinate provision across the cluster where feasible. The role will lead the Faculty Administrators Network to help deliver co-ordinated cross-departmental support to University-level programmes.

Collaborative Space

There will be strategic topics which require engagement with the central administration and which form the annual strategic planning cycle. The role of the senior post-holder will be to coordinate with central colleagues and academic and administrative colleagues in the respective departments to enable the HOD to deliver what is required. This includes but is not limited to areas such as strategic planning, financial planning, digesting departmental analytics into plans, coordinating the development of appropriate thematic strategies, admissions planning, joint programme development, marketing, business development activity, horizon scanning, income generation development and international activities

Central Services, locally provided

Professional Service leadership remains with the respective Senior Officers. The senior post-holder will engage directly as needed with central service leads and SOs.
The role of the senior post-holder will be to broker the delivery of those services in the most effective way and to have dotted line management of that cross functional group for the services provided to the clustered departments at a strategic level. This includes support from the HR, Finance and RSS functions along with any other centrally provided service.

Policy & Professional Support

There are a number of functions within the central administration which are not directly providing services to departments but which have a policy or transactional brief. The role of the senior post-holder will be to work with each administrative team to determine the best way of responding on behalf of the HODS to policy requests from the centre and to access the support of these departments as required.