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Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project

The Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project is an exciting opportunity to work with a group of researchers from outside your department on a group project of your own choosing.

Participants will be supported both in picking a topic that interests them and their group, and in creating a dynamic output through which to showcase their research. Participants last year were successful in building online exhibitions and even in creating a physical, marketable card game. The Project has been specifically designed to fit around your undergraduate workload and the main learning aim is to have fun working on a project that you are interested in with a group of likeminded people. This scheme is available to all second and final year students in the Faculty of Arts.


What is the Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project?

  • a new opportunity for intermediate and final year UG students interested in interdisciplinary group research, run in conjunction with the Modern Records Centre (MRC)

  • builds on the success of the ‘Then & Now’ student research project and online exhibition about the history of Warwick’s Arts Faculty: and last year's interdisciplinary projects.

  • unique opportunity to engage in primary research and develop skills using the MRC’s extensive online archive holdings as part of a dedicated student research group

  • The projects run from Jan 2022 to the summer, and can be converted into funded URSS projects (funding is not guaranteed).
  • With your group you will set your own schedule to suit your circumstances
  • The main aim of the project is fun! You will get to meet new people, learn about a new topic or further your undersatnding of something you are already interested in and try your hand at creating a digital output or useful resource. You will also get to learn new skills and new ways of working that should directly support you in completing your degree.

What topics can I explore throught the Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project?

With your group, you will choose a topic that fits with your own interests, and you are free to choose any topic you can think of. You could also choose from a wide range of archive materials in Warwick's Modern Records Centre, covering topics including but not limited to:

Student life and politics History of Warwick University campus British healthcare, e.g. history of the NHS, healthcare pre-NHS EU and Brexit
Education Gender and feminism Race and immigration Local protest/activist groups
Crime and criminality Cycling Library Special Collections Independent research

You and your group can direct the research according to your own tastes - the aim is to produce a digital output, public engagement project, or other academic resource.

Outputs may include, but are not limited to:

An online exhibition A collection of e-resources for school or home learning An academic research article
A ‘zine, a game, or a short play or film A series of blog/Instagram posts A public engagement event or resource
To explore the MRC's online collections visit: 

What are the benefits of the Interdisciplinary Arts Research Project?

  • you will work in an inter-disciplinary group with students from across the Faculty of Arts - a chance to make new connections and experience different approaches to learning/researching
  • develop transferable skills such as resilience and teamworking skills
  • learn about public engagement and expand your digital skillset
  • experiences a series of talks and workshops to help with your project and deepen your understanding of important elements of academia/university life, e.g. using archives, public engagement, digital output, project management
  • conduct your own research not bounded by the disciplinary limits of your formal degree courses, and create something which is truly your own.

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