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Hello and welcome to the project's podcast, a podcast co-hosted by team members Eddie and Dan. Our aim is to shine a light on the excellent research that our team mates have conducted whilst also giving other students an insight into the workings of undergraduate research. We sincerely hope that you find these podcasts fun, interesting and informative!

Episode 1 - Introduction to the podcast and project with Eddie and Dan

In their first podcast, hopeful hosts Eddie and Dan introduce their listeners to 'The Georgian Ghosts Project' and what future episodes of the podcast will entail!

Episode 2 - Gender and the Acteson Manuscript with Jessica

Hosts Eddie and Dan strike back with the second episode in which they discuss Jessica's research, a team member who has researched the topic of gender in the manuscript. From the centrality of the manuscript's female figures to the gender expectations of late eighteenth-century Ireland, this is a fascinating talk and one not to miss!

Episode 3 - Print and Religion with Luke

In the third podcast, hosts Eddie and Dan return once more to discuss team member Luke's research. From the connections between the eighteenth-century book trade and ghost stories to the representation of the Methodist community, this is an episode which you must hear...