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The Project After COVID19

COVID19 for sure had a big impact on our project. The main change was that we had to click pause on the physical exhibit and devote ourselves on the online exhibit. Also, our way of working shifted from face to face meetings to having meetings on MSTeams. The research was also affected as we didn't have access to the physical archives anymore; however the MRC team was extremely helpful and helped us continue and conclude the project with the resources available online.

Not everything was negative, though. We all learnt different skills during this time, our commitment to the project had to be greater and it enabled the creation of projects like the COVID19 Diaries. Also, look at all the wonderful locations we have been able to work from (and have quality time with our pets!)

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Louise working at her beautiful garden back home. Malina enjoying the nice weather and her dog while trying to do some work Lauren's working space, where she did some very interesting interviews of students and alumni
Aleja's dog helping her work from home Anna working from home, lots of green around Aleja working from London, enjoying the canals and the ducks!
After we had to leave Campus, all of our research had to move online. These are some of the amazing resources the MRC made available for us (and for you if you want to learn more!) More online resources More online resources
More online resources consulted Online resources provided by the MRC For organizing the materials we found, we created these kind of spreadsheets, which we later matched with the themes and research.
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