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Conference Registration Form - 11-13 July 2007

CONFERENCE RATES - RESIDENTIAL: Residential delegates will be accommodated in our on-campus residences. Prices stated below are based on two nights residence. En Suite Room: £220.00 sterling (includes Rum Punch Reception and Conference Dinner) Standard Room: £170.00 sterling (includes Rum Punch Reception and Conference Dinner) Concessionary: £130.00 sterling (concessionary fees are available ONLY to students and unwaged people) FULL conference fees include all meals and refreshments from dinner on 11th July to tea on 13th July, and rum punch reception and conference dinner.
CONFERENCE RATES - NON-RESIDENTIAL DAY DELEGATES: Daily rates include lunch and refreshments on the relevant day, but not breakfast, evening meal, or rum punch reception. Day delegates wishing to attend the rum punch reception and conference dinner should add the additional £30.00 to their fee. Standard daily fees: £50.00 per day [exclusive of conference dinner] Concessionary fees: £30.00 per day (only available to students and unwaged people). Conference Dinner on 12th July: £30.00 (no concessions available)
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METHODS OF PAYMENT: REGISTRATION MUST STILL BE COMPLETED ONLINE FOR EITHER PAYMENT METHOD. Payment can be made online using WORLDPAY, or by cheque. Cheque must be in pounds sterling (made payable to 'University of Warwick'), and accompanied by an ADDITIONAL printed copy of this form, to Marjorie Davies, Centre for Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry. CV4 7AL. If you have any queries contact: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 247 652 3443.
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