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Events this Year

2022 - 23 events

Autumn term

Tuesday 15th November 2022

Annual Walter Rodney lecture:

Coming to Grips with Caribbean History: Sources and Production by Professor Sasha Turner, Johns Hopkins University.

Tuesday 25th October

Anne-Sophie Bogetoft Mortensen, PhD-fellow in Aesthetic Culture & Intercultural Studies, Institute of Communication & Arts at Roskilde University, Denmark.

Tidalectic (E)earth Poetics

This online talk presented an analysis of Trinidadian Jennifer Rahim’s poetic production over the last 20 years as portraying 'Earth poetics.' Anne-Sophie demonstrated how Rahim implements three different scales of earthly catastrophes, the local, Trinidadian plantation, the cross-national earthquake, and lastly, the global, planetary concern of C02-emission, thereby demonstrating how one might read the global climate crisis via the local (hi)stories of her own birth-island.

Spring Term 2023

Wednesday 15th February

Dr Stève Puig: Associate Professor of French and Francophone Literature at St John’s University in New York

Haiti and Congo: transatlantic solidarity in Youssoupha’s rap

Dr Puig’s talk covered the Franco-Congolese rapper, Youssoupha and his influences and his admiration for Haiti and its history.