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Events this Year

2019 - 20

Autumn term

Wednesday 23 October,

David Nicholls Memorial Trust annual public lecture

By Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins (YPCCS and Global Sustainable Development, University of Warwick)

An external event at Regent’s Park College, Oxford.


Tuesday 29 October

Walter Rodney Memorial Lecture

Dr Patricia Rodney (CEO, The Walter Rodney Foundation)

Living with a Legacy: My Journey with Walter Rodney

Included a book launch of the 50th anniversary edition of Groundings with My Brothers.


Tuesday 19 November

Dr Claire Westall (University of York)

‘Style as Substance’: C. L. R. James, Earl Lovelace and Cricket’s Creative Freedom’ [TBC]


Thursday 28 November

Dr Ed Holberton (University of Bristol),

Literature in early eighteenth-century Barbados

Jointly organised with the Early Modern and Eighteenth Century Centre.