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Past Leverhulme Fellows

Past Leverhulme Fellows:

A grant from the Leverhulme Trust made it possible for the Centre from 1985 to appoint annually a Visiting Fellow in Caribbean Studies alternating between the Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth Caribbean. Some previous Visiting Fellows are listed below:

Professor Kenneth Ramchand -- Professor Emeritus,University of the West Indies, St Augustine

Professor Andrés Serbin - Professor and Director of Instituto Venezolano de Estudios Sociales y Politicos, INVESP, Caracas, Venezuela

Dr Michael Gilkes - Then Lecturer in the Department of English, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill

Dr Miguel Barnet - Institute of Folklore and Ethnology, Havana

Professor Angel Quintero Rivera - Labour and Cultural Historian, University of Puerto Rico

Dr Harry Goulbourne - Political Scientist, University of the West Indies (Details) now at South Bank University

Advisory Board:

Professor Harry Goulbourne

Dr Clem Seecharan