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Past Events


Tuesday 26th April, Dr Aaron Kamugisha ( University of the West Indies)

‘Caribbean Racial States: Creolisation and Racism in the Anglophone Caribbean’

Wednesday 27th April

Dr Aaron Kamugisha ( University of the West Indies)

‘Caribbean Cultural and Political Thought: A Workshop’

Tuesday 3rd May, Dr Dominique Rogers, (Université des Antilles)

‘Free people of colour in the French Caribbean during the early modern period: old and new perspectives’

Tuesday 2nd February, Dr Parvati Kumaraswani ( University of Reading)

'Beyond Havana: Literary Culture in the periphery of the periphery'

Tuesday, 1st March, Dr Jean Pierre Le Glaunec ( University of Sherbrooke)

‘Vertières, Haiti, November 18 1803: History and Memory of a Non-Event’

Annual Walter Rodney Lecture

Tuesday 27th October, 2015 Professor Vincent Brown, Harvard University:

Designing Histories of Slavery in the Database Age.

Vincent Brown and Fabienne Viala Vincent Brown and Leon Sealey Huggins

Tuesday 17th November: Professor Manuel Covo, University of Warwick

The Entrepôt of Atlantic Revolutions: Saint-Domingue, the United States and Commercial Republicanism

Friday, 27th November:

'Inimitable Painting': The Work of Stanley Greaves and Wilson Harris

– a one day symposium inspired by Greaves’ new series of paintings, Dialogue with Wilson Harris, featuring talks by Gemma Robinson and Leon Wainwright. For more details, contact Mike Niblett,

Tuesday, 1st December: Professor Patricia Stuelke (Dartmouth):

Acoustic Adjustments: The Noriega Playlist and the Neoliberal Makeover of Panama

Tuesday 8th December: Professor Gad Heuman, Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick.

Gender and Protest at Morant Bay and in the Post-Emancipation Caribbean




18 October - Perry Gauci (Oxford University) presented a paper on ‘An Empire of Liberty: the Spanish Town Affair 1754-8’. This seminar was jointly hosted with the 18th Century Centre.

25 October - Lawrence Scott was in conversation and reading from his new novel, Light Falling on Bamboo.

30 October - this year's Walter Rodney Memorial Lecture was given by Professor Paget Henry (Brown University) on 'C. L. R. James, Walter Rodney and the Public Self of Caribbean Insurrectionary Politics'.

22 November - Thomas Glave gave a talk, 'Scenes from a Jamaican Childhood'. This event was jointly hosted with Hispanic Studies.

4 December - Colin Babb talked about his latest book, They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun: West Indian Cricket and its Relationship with the British-resident Caribbean Diaspora.

5 February - Mike Niblett (YPPCS Postdoctoral Fellow) presented a paper on ‘Oil on Sugar: Commodity Frontiers and Peripheral Aesthetics’.

5 March - Selwyn Cudjoe (Wellesley College) presented a paper on ‘Ignorant Negroes, Tyrannical Masters: William H. Burnley and the Caribbean
Slave Experience’.

30 April - Cassandra Pybus (Sydney/KCL) visited the Centre, where she met with staff and students.

22 April-4 May - Malik Ferdinand (Université Antilles-Guyane) was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre from 22 April to 4 May.

3 May - a one-day symposium, 'Islands Unchained: Commodity Frontiers, Food Regimes, and Archipelic Aesthetics', on Caribbean literature and the environment was organised by Mike Niblett and Chris Campbell.

7 May - Angel Quintero Rivera (University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras) presnted a paper on 'Afro Latin American Cultural Studies and Music, Bringing together Social Sciences and Humanities'. This event was jointly hosted with Hispanic Studies.

3-5 May - Society for Caribbean Studies annual conference.

Previous Years

Leah Gordon "Kanaval: Vodou, Politics and Revolution on the Streets of Haiti”

Colin Grant - I & I: The Natural Mystics: Marley, Tosh and Wailer

Beyond Calypso: New Perspectives on Sam Sevlon

The Caribbean: Aesthetics, Ecology and Politics