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Events 2016 -17

Autumn Term

Tuesday 25th October, Annual Walter Rodney Lecture,

Professor Shalini Puri (University of Pittsburgh)

‘Memory-work and the Grenada Revolution: A love letter from the humanities’.

Tuesday 22nd November

Dr Karen Wilkes (Birmingham City University)

‘The visual culture of the Caribbean wedding in the (post)colonial, neoliberal economy’



Thursday 26th January

Dr Andrea Haslanger (University of Sussex)

The Ends of Elegy: Slavery and Death in the Atlantic World

Joint seminar organised by the Eighteenth Century Centre and the Early Modern Forum.

Tuesday 31st January

Dr Alice Samson (University of Leicester)

‘The origins of Caribbean creole religions: Early colonial dynamics on Mona Island’


Wednesday 1st February

Dr Shirley Anne Tate (Leeds University)

‘The Problematics of Caribbean Whiteness’

Joint seminar with the Department of Sociology


Tuesday 21st February

Marc Wadsworth,

‘Divided by Race, United in War and Peace’


Summer Term

Tuesday 2nd May,

Dr David Williams, (University of Auckland)

‘Walter Rodney from TANU Youth League ideological classes at Dar es Salaam to an untimely death in Guyana’.

Wednesday 10th May,

Dr Julia Prest, (St Andrews)

‘Politics of Dance in the French Colonial Caribbean’

Joint seminar with the Department of French.

Tuesday 13 June,

Dr Jessica Pierre-Louis, Universite des Antilles

Negotiated identity: Free people of colour and ‘passing’ in French Caribbean


Monday 19 June

In Conversation: Race and Interracial Sex in the Caribbean

With Jessica Pierre-Louis and Camillia Cowling, facilitated by Meleisa Ono-George.

A discussion of ‘race’ and interracial sex in the history of the British, Spanish and French Caribbean.


Wednesday 21 June

Dr Jessica Pierre-Louis, Universite des Antilles

Lunchtime Workshop: Researching ‘Race’ in the French Archives

Jessica Pierre-Louis will share her knowledge and experiences of researching the history of racial categorizations in the French archives.