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Events 2014 -15

Summer term

Tuesday 19th May,

Professor Antoni Kapcia ( University of Notingham)

" Leadership in the Cuban Revolution"

Wednesday 27th May

The Trinidadian writer Lawrence Scott read from his new collection of short stories,

Leaving by plane swimming back underwater

Wednesday 3rd June

A one-day PG Caribbean Studies Conference

at Warwick University. An event in association with the YPCCS, Nottingham University and the Society for Caribbean Studies. Discussion and ideas stemming from a variety of postgraduate paper panels, a keynote, and a roundtable discussion.

Monday 8th June – Tuesday 9th June,

Professor Lydie Moudileno, University of Pennsylvania

‘Postcolonial Writers and the Anxiety of Authorship’.
Spring term

Wednesday 27th January

Dr Leonard Smith, University of Birmingham:

Squalor, Scandal and Civilising Mission: Institutional Provision for the Insane in the British Caribbean, 1815 – 1914.

Over recent years there has been growing historical interest in insanity and institutions for the insane in most parts of the former British Empire. However, little attention has hitherto been devoted to the West Indian colonies, with their singularly painful experiences of African enslavement, emancipation, continuing economic exploitation, and social division. This talk highlighted a spectrum of institutional conditions and practices in Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad.

Tuesday 17th February, Nicholas Draper, University College London

Legacies of British Slave-ownership: national narratives and public history.
Autumn term 2014

Tuesday 21st October

Professor Mervyn Morris, Emeritus Professor of Creative Writing and West Indian Literature, UWI

" Miss Lou: Louise Bennett and Jamaican Culture".

Louise Bennett, aka 'Miss Lou', is one of Jamaica's national figures and pioneered the use of Jamaican English in her verse.

Jamaica's Poet Laureate Mervyn Morris gave a short account of Louise Bennett's life, with commentary on some of her notable achievements.

28th October

Professor Verene Shepherd, University of the West Indies, Mona

Verene Shepherd, Fabienne Viala, Yesu Persaud
Annual Walter Rodney lecture:
War Memorials & Black Liberation: ‘Groundings’ with Walter Rodney on History, Heritage & Activism

Tuesday 18th November

Dr Chris Campbell, University of Warwick:

"Mr Swanzy goes to Jamaica: BBC Radio and the end of Empire"