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Events 2015-16

Autumn Term
Annual Walter Rodney Lecture

Tuesday 27th October, 2015 Professor Vincent Brown, Harvard University:

Designing Histories of Slavery in the Database Age.

Vincent Brown and Fabienne Viala Vincent Brown and Leon Sealey Huggins

Tuesday 17th November: Professor Manuel Covo, University of Warwick

The Entrepôt of Atlantic Revolutions: Saint-Domingue, the United States and Commercial Republicanism

Friday, 27th November:

'Inimitable Painting': The Work of Stanley Greaves and Wilson Harris

– a one day symposium inspired by Greaves’ new series of paintings, Dialogue with Wilson Harris, featuring talks by Gemma Robinson and Leon Wainwright.

Tuesday, 1st December: Professor Patricia Stuelke (Dartmouth):

Acoustic Adjustments: The Noriega Playlist and the Neoliberal Makeover of Panama

Tuesday 8th December: Professor Gad Heuman, Emeritus Professor, University of Warwick.

Gender and Protest at Morant Bay and in the Post-Emancipation Caribbean
Spring term
‘Free people of colour in the French Caribbean during the early modern period: old and new perspectives’

Tuesday 2nd February, Dr Parvati Kumaraswani ( University of Reading)

'Beyond Havana: Literary Culture in the periphery of the periphery'

Tuesday, 1st March, Dr Jean Pierre Le Glaunec ( University of Sherbrooke)

Summer term
‘Vertières, Haiti, November 18 1803: History and Memory of a Non-Event’

Tuesday 26th April, Dr Aaron Kamugisha ( University of the West Indies)

‘Caribbean Racial States: Creolisation and Racism in the Anglophone Caribbean’

Wednesday 27th April

Dr Aaron Kamugisha ( University of the West Indies)

‘Caribbean Cultural and Political Thought: A Workshop’

Tuesday 3rd May, Dr Dominique Rogers, (Université des Antilles)