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Events 2017 -18

Autumn Term

Tuesday 31st October

Matthew J. Smith, Professor of Caribbean History and Chair,

Department of History and Archaeology, University of the West Indies, Mona

The Past is Not Our Future: Walter Rodney and Youth Culture in 1960s Jamaica.

Tuesday 14th November

Dr Finola O'Kane, University College Dublin

Designed in Parallel or in Translation? The Marquis of Sligo's Jamaican and

Mayo Estate Landscapes.


Tuesday 28th November

Dr Matthew Bishop, University of Sheffield

Drawing power from the Grass Roots: the Decriminalisation of Cannabis in Jamaica

Spring Term

23rd January

Raymond Antrobus: To Sweeten Bitter

Raymond Antrobus is a British Jamaican poet, performer, editor and educator, born and bred in East London, Hackney. He is one of the first recipients of an MA in Spoken Word education from Goldsmiths University.

Raymond read a selection of his two poems books from Shapes and Disfigurements of Raymons Antrobus (2017) and from To Sweeten Bitter (2017)


13th February

Michael Joseph ( PhD, University of Oxford)

"Veteran Politics and Veterans’ Politics: Ex-Servicemen and the State in the British and French Caribbean, 1919-1939"

Summer Term

Dr Philip Nanton has published numerous academic essays and as a creative writer and spoken word performer, has published widely in regional and metropolitan magazines. He has performed his work in literary festivals internationally. His latest book ‘Frontiers of the Caribbean’ (2017) looks at ‘the frontier’ as a conceptual tool with which to explore globalization with particular relevance for the Caribbean region.


Tuesday 22nd May

Lecture: The Caribbean Frontier in the Twenty-first Century


Wednesday 23rd May

Workshop: Researching the Anglophone Caribbean: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues

Dr Mala Jokhan, a social researcher at the University of West Indies, is interested in the livelihood strategies people develop and employ in order to cope with and adapt to difficult circumstances


Wednesday 20th June

Research Seminar: Understanding Serial Migration as a Childhood Experience

Thursday 21st June

Workshop: Centring the Caribbean in Caribbean Migration and Development