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Walter Rodney Lecture 2016

Shalini Puri Professor of English from the University of Pittsburgh, gave the annual Walter Rodney lecture 2016. Entitled, 'Memory-Work and the Grenada Revolution: A love letter from the Humanities', her talk covered some of the themes explored in her latest book.

Shalini Puri works on the literatures and cultures of the Global South. She is the author of The Grenada Revolution in the Caribbean Present: Operation Urgent Memory (2014). An interdisciplinary humanities project, the book is a memorial, a critique, and a tribute. More details of her work on Grenada can be found at:​

Puri is also the author of The Caribbean Postcolonial: Social Equality, Post-Nationalism, and Cultural Hybridity, which won the Gordon and Sybil Lewis Award for best book in Caribbean Studies in 2005. She is the editor of The Legacies of Caribbean Radical Politics (2011) and Marginal Migrations: The Circulation of Cultures in the Caribbean (2003). She is co-editor (with Debra Castillo) of a volume entitled Theorizing Fieldwork in the Humanities: Methods, Reflections, and Approaches to the Global South (October 2016) and (with Lara Putnam) Caribbean Military Encounters (in press).

Caribbean Centre staff L/R David Lambert, Mike Niblett, Tim Lockley,

Neil Lazarus, Mrs Gilmore (guest) and John Gilmore with guest

speaker, Professor Shalini Puri.

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