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Decolonizing Voices: Talks and Interviews

As part of the Decolonzing Voices project, we have interviewed a series of significant writers, thinkers, publishers, musicologists, and critics, who were wither involved in the programmes and institutions considered in our study, or have written knowledgably on the subject. We have also had the pleasure of hosting talks by eminent scholars working in the areas of broadcast culture, world literature, and decolonization. Please see below for details of the speakers and interviewees, and click on the link to hear the recordings.

James Currey, publisher and founder of the company James Currey, the leading imprint of academic books on Africa. James had previously worked with Chinua Achebe on the pioneering Heinemann African and Caribbean Writers Series. Interview with James Currey, 15/07/13

Cameron Duodo, Ghanian novelist, journalist, editor and broadcaster; author of the notable 1967 novel The Gab Boys. Cameron worked with Henry Swanzy on Radio Ghana in the 1950s. Interview with Cameron Duodo, 16/01/14

Patrick French, writer and historian, and author of the award-winning biography of V. S. Naipual, The World is What it Is (2008). ( Interview with Patrick French, 23/05/13

Professor J.H. Kwabena Nketia, renowed Ghanian composer, musicologist, teacher and writer. He is, as Ghana's Daily Graphic states, "easily the most published and best known authority on African music and aesthetics in the world." In the 1950s, he composed the theme tune to Radio Ghana's Singing Net programme. Interview with Professor Kwabena Nketia

Professor Bill Schwarz, historian at Queen Mary, University of London. He is the author of the award-winning Memories of Empire: The White Man's World (2011). Talk by Bill Schwarz, 12/02/14