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Mapping digital pedagogies project

This web site is being developed by the Arts Faculty Office DSEP team to document digital pedagogies, their development, operation, and effectiveness. This will contribute to raising our level of organisational maturity. We will provide an account of:

We aim to:

  • Know how digital technologies and tools are enhancing and enabling these diverse pedagogic strategies and practices.
  • Document (in a usable form) enabling technologies, techniques, services, ideas, and processes, and their key features.
  • Identify gaps in provision, capabilities, and practice.
  • Prioritise resources for addressing gaps and supporting digital pedagogies.
  • And subsequently to communicate useful information, run events, undertake projects, and form communities of practice.

This will be achieved through a series of surveys, dialogue with staff and students in the Faculty, literature reviews, and input from experts at Warwick and beyond. It will contextualise and point to examples of good practice in the Digital Pedagogy Library.