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DAL Showcase 2020

DAL the showcase logo

Digital Arts Lab The Showcase 2020

The Digital Arts Lab Showcase is proud to showcase the amazing work happening within the Faculty of Arts. Especially, the fantastic work our students have created during this challenging time.

Join us in celebrating the best work created through technology and immersive practices!!

DAL Student Showcase

Take a look at the pieces submitted in each category.

Link to Audio and Digital Artifact Submissions link to video submissions

Modules with Digital Assessment Methodologies

This space has been designed to highlight the ways in which the digital world interacts with the Faculty of Arts. There are a few ways in which this is happening, one of which is digital assessment methods currently being utilised in the Faculty.

These are some of the modules with digital assignments, take a look at the amazing pieces that the students produced as their module projects.

link to american horror story module showcase link to hellenistic world module showcase

link to gender trouble in contemporary german culture module showcase link to the practice of film criticism module showcase

link to space and place in ancient greek literature module showcase


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