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DAL The Showcase

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Digital Arts Lab | The Showcase 2020 | The Oculus | May 21st - 22nd

The Faculty of Arts is thrilled to promote digital learning and teaching innovation through the Digital Arts Lab, engaging its students with new technologies that help them create art and new ways to experience it.

We asked all of our undergraduate arts students to help us bring this digital laboratory to life! This event will be a space where they can share their work and explore others’, in the first Digital Arts Laboratory Showcase and Competition.

Join us in celebrating the best art created through technology and immersive practices!

What is it About?

The DAL Showcase and Competition will include the best of our students' academic work created through or about digital tools, fitting into the following categories:


All time-based motion picture pieces,

either animation or live action;

narrative or non-narrative works.

Digital Artefact / Audio

All immersive practices including VR,

360 still images, motion tracking,

proxemics, binaural sound, sound walks

and audio pieces.

Academic writing on digital themes

All essays and academic writing

pieces on digital and art themes.

Language Video Competition

Language Thirst

Short videos reflecting on language learning

experiences, exploring cultural differences and

delivering language taster sessions.

Event Information

Date: May 21st and 22nd

Time: 11:00 AM - 19:00 PM

Venue: The Oculus Building OC1.05

Find out more

Information about the Showcase

Showcase Event Booking

Further questions? Please contact:

mayra dot juarez-alvarado at warwick dot ac dot uk

Language Video Competition

The DAL Showcase is teaming up with the Language Centre to host the 2nd annual language video competition. Language Thirst