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Academic Writing Sessions run by The Writing Centre

Convenor: Rochelle Sibley 


The Warwick Writing Programme offers a range of courses in academic writing in order to support undergraduate and postgraduate students within the English department. It also hosts resources for undergraduate students in the School of Modern Languages and is the point of access for the RLF Fellow academic writing appointments.

Click on the respective link if you are looking for information on a particular session.

Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

English department first year undergraduate essay-writing sessions

English joint degree first year undergraduate essay-writing sessions

Undergraduate academic writing podcast resource

Undergraduate dissertation support

EN947 Research Methods

MA in Creative Writing - Research for Writing

School of Modern Languages

Writing support for first year undergraduates in the School of Modern Languages


The RLF Fellow

Appointments for individual academic writing advice




Writing tutors

In 2017-18, the Writing Centre's teaching will be delivered by:

Sourit Bhattacharya

Roxanne Douglas

Demet Intepe

Jack McGowan
Joe Shafer