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Hanne Bramness reads 'Speaking Out of Time'

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Hanne Bramness reads at the White Swan in Covent Garden, 15 October 1985. This recording is only of the second half of the reading. Bramness reads a draft of a long poem, I sin tid. First published in Norway, 1986, Bramness translates the title here as ‘Speaking Out of Time’ and it is later published as ‘In her time’ in Salt on the eye (Shearsman 2007, translated with Frances Presley). The poem is influenced by a visit to Leningrad in summer 1984 and structured through time and place. It also uses two imagined mappings, one binary and one utopian: “This, then, is an attempt to make layers of time touch on those layers of maps.” Bramness refers to taking Eric Mottram’s class on ‘Culture and Technology’ the previous year, and thanks Clive Bush for helping her to translate this version of the poem.

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