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Check Out Our Students!!

This page is dedicated to celebrating the creative exploits of our wonderful students, and the ways they (you!) have responded to Warwick, to the Writing Programme and to the modules. If you are an English and Creative Writing student, MA in Writing student or a student taking Writing Programme Modules, you are warmly encouraged to be part of our Facebook group, or if you prefer, you can email us at

Practice of Poetry students playing with moss!

PoP Poetic Moss

Practice of Poetry Students with Balloons!

Releasing poetry into the world!

ELCW Students 


"The Warwick Writing Programme at both BA and MA level has done something aside from giving me access to brilliant teaching and improving my work - it has given me a place in a wide community of writers, many of whom will remain friends and colleagues for life. I've found this to be just as important and worthwhile as gaining a qualification from the university. The Programme has also given me the time and space to write at my own pace, without which I might not have achieved the small successes I've had, and certainly not write a novel-length manuscript to take into the world with me. (There are also quite often biscuits.)" ELCW 2013 Alumnus and MA in Writing Student


"As a student of the Warwick Writing Programme, I have found a supportive community that encourages me both to experiment with new styles and to find myself in writing. The close yet professional relationships forged with people with the same passion for words have made me a better person and brought me closer to becoming the writer I strive to be." Leondrea Hui Tan, ELCW Finalist 2015


"The Warwick Writing Programme is incredible: we have a variety of tutors specialised in a variety of styles and genres, and the modules are tailored at a year-by-year progression. I'm also glad to say that the degree structure's incredibly flexible, and that some of the creative writing prompts I've received in class has inspired pieces that got published in a couple of literary journals back home. Highly recommended!" Daryl Yam, ELCW with Intercalated Year Finalist 2016