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Vol.6 No.4 Dec 2012

Pascal Bruckner   from My Little Husband
Fabienne Viala   on Juan Gabriel Vásquez
Nicholas Royle   on Diego Marani
Andrew Crumey   on Lars Ramslie

Translation symposium
Anthea Bell, Brian Castro, Ruth Christie,
Margaret Jull Costa, Iain Galbraith,
Chris Miller, Brian Nelson, Tim Parks,
Marko Pavlyshyn, John Taylor

John T. Gilmore   on Yu Hua
Paul Freeman   on Ko Un
Cevat Capan   Two poems
Ian Revie   on Luljeta Lleshanaku, Lev Loseff and Bejan Matur
Chris Miller   on Persian, Arabic and Francophone African poetry
Tony Roberts   on Harsent’s Ritsos
Catullus   Carmina, 44
Len Krisak   After Archilocus
Pierre Ronsard   To Guy Pacate
John Greening   on David Ferry
Will Stone   on Rainer Maria Rilke
    Brief notice
Rainer Maria Rilke   Two poems
Clive Scott   on W. G. Sebald
Martin Monahan   Reading The Tin Drum in the Hofgarten, Düsseldorf
Alexander Adams   on Cees Nooteboom
José-Flore Tappy   from Gravel
Willis Barnstone   Converting the Bible into Song
    Aphoristic Approximations
Alison Moore   A Small Window
Jonathan Taylor   Musica somni
Vincent O’Sullivan   on Kirsty Gunn 
Stevie Davies   on Howard Jacobson 
Michael Bywater   on C. K. Stead 
Robert Graham   on James Friel 
Omar Sabbagh   on Ros Barber 
Ian Ganassi   Two poems
Hilary Menos   Two poems
Nick MacKinnon   Two poems
Charles Boyle   on Bill Manhire
Hilary Menos   on Janet Charman, Lynn Davidson and Helen Heath
Stuart Henson   Interlude
Kate Miller   The Deposition
John Mole   The Sound of Ladders
Cyril Dabydeen   Father Poem

Steven Pelcman

Don Barnard   on Stephen Edgar
Omar Sabbagh   on Norbert Hirschhorn
Jackie Wills   on Selima Hill, Stephanie Norgate, Deryn Rees-Jones and Penelope Shuttle
    Notes on contributors